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EARS - An Owner's Manual: Ear Disorders in Children and Adults

  "Dedicated to all sleep-deprived parents of children with ear infections."

Photos from EARS book

Top: Healthy Ear Drum
Bottom: Bead in Ear

Ears book
Illustrated, color photos, 177 pages, paper

Healthy Right EardrumForeign Body
Photos used by permission:
Michael Hawke, MD Silent Partners Snoring and Laser Clinic, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
© Copyright Michael Hawke, MD. All rights reserved.

About the Book

Clinician Dr. Rod Moser has worked with children for over 30 years.  He has written a reader-friendly yet comprehensive review of common ear ailments, especially childhood ear infections, and how to use home-use EARscopes.  While written in plain language for parents, it is also used by medical practitioners as a reference book.

This book empowers parents by teaching them how to do ear exams at home and, for everyone, gives practical ways of dealing with most ear ailments:  prevention techniques, earwax problems, hearing difficulties, ear tubes, swimmer's ear, pierced ears, ringing in the ears, and alternatives to often over-prescribed antibiotics.

Includes many colored photos and illustrations.  Paperback, 177 pgs.

Book  $18.00

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