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What Our Customers Say

Carrie Canary

Here are a few of the many unsolicited testimonials we have received over the years:

''It is an invaluable tool in enabling me to get my son to the pediatrician before an ear infection becomes a major problem. Thanks again for a GREAT product.''

''We have lost our EARscope and we are lost without it.''

"I have a much more expensive otoscope, but this Earscope gives a better view."

''It is so frustrating to have a sick child and not be able to tell what is hurting them. Thank you for developing this tool and making it available at such a reasonable cost.''

''I have one and like it very much. It does the same job as a $150 model.'' (a nurse)

"If I didn't have the earscope, my son would have had to endure more pain because we caught it before the stronger bacteria could build up again and the doctor was very impressed with me."

''Its a real time saver (in needless trips to the doctor). ''

''I have placed one in a local family home. It has been a Godsend for them to be able to check the child's ear each week. '' (a nurse)

''What a neat & elegant little instrument!'' 

''I have wanted one for years, especially since my kids have been earache prone. Now you have one for sale for less than the cost of a doctor visit.''

''A nurse practitioner friend said your otoscope is great. Send me one.''

''I had a favorable response from my patients regarding the home use of the otoscope - and feel that an additional dozen will be needed to accommodate them. '' (an MD)

My earscope and Ears-An Owners Manual have saved me worry, time, copayments and exposure to germs in the pediatrician's office... "

''This instrument has been a great asset to me in the daily use that helps me make my day care services very special... I would be lost without my EARscope.''

"My work involves the making of ear impressions for the manufacture of custom-fit hearing protection. Before putting anything in people's ears I always look first. Compared to high priced otoscopes, this model has given excellent service, is lightweight, and gives a quality view of the ear canal and eardrum."


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