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About Us

Holly Hopper
When our kids had ear problems we were frustrated because there was nothing available for us to check their ears. We did a lot of research with the help of Pediatricians, Family Doctors, Ear/Nose/Throat Specialists and Audiologists, and then developed the first home use otoscope, the ''EARscope.''  We named our family company "Notoco" (shortened from Nash Otoscope Company). That was 30 years and tens of thousands of EARscopes ago.

Our goal is to teach you about ear problems: about ear infections, about when to seek medical help and when to wait, about earwax and its removal, about the pros and cons of ear tube surgery and about how to look in ears with the EARscope that we designed to help you monitor ear problems.  We hope this information empowers you take better care of your family's ears at home.

We encourage the less invasive responses to children's ear infections as is commonly practiced in other parts of the world. This includes a greater emphasis on the body's own natural defenses, and the avoidance of antibiotics or surgery unless absolutely necessary. We agree with a growing number of medical practitioners who practice ''watchful waiting.''

Most parents are quite able to learn to use an EARscope, and with better information can make better decisions about their kid's ear health. Also, our customers tell us that they get better medical services if they themselves are well informed. Calling only when necessary and with good information (''I can see a bulging ear drum" or ''There is no sign of ear infection'') seems to save time, money and undue anxiety for everyone.

There are traditional medical practices that resist the home-use of EARscopes, and others who will enthusiastically support your monitoring ears at home   Medical practices have conflicts of interests -  legal fears for example, and financial losses (ears are a big money-maker). Also, doctors rightfully take pride in their greater experience and sometimes tend to diminish your abilities.

Yet for most common ear problems you can readily monitor ears at home with an EARscope, just as you check temperatures with a thermometer.   Seek out providers who see the value of alert, informed and watchful parents.     

How We Support You

  •     See the FAQs on this site.
  •     Refer to the detailed description of ear problems in the EARS book.
  •     We offer a money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty.
  •     For Customer Service, e-mail us, or call the number below.
Note:  We are not doctors so cannot offer you medical advice.  Your best course of action is to work in close partnership with medically trained individuals who support home ear care.

Customer Service:     1-800-800-8642
M-F, 9-4 Pacific Time


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