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Knowledge and Tools for Better Ear Care

We want to help you avoid late night visits to the emergency room, frantic trips to the doctor, endless antibiotics, and drastic measures such as ear tube surgery.

See our page on Home Care to better manage ear problems, such as diet changes, allergy identification and home monitoring of ears.  You are less likely to end up with a medical emergency if you exercise these choices.

Most important of all, see Preventing Ear Infections.

With the information on this site, and our EARscope, you can learn about:

EARscope and Book


Our book, EARS, An Owner's Manual, will teach you more about these subjects, as well as about the many causes of earaches - ear infection (otitis media), swimmers ear (otitis externa), ruptured ear drums, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), complications associated with ear piercing, and about over-the-counter and prescription medications for the relief of ear problems. If you learn and use this information, as thousands of others have, you will have a better opportunity to work in partnership with your doctor and save yourself anguish, time and money.

Note:  We are not doctors so cannot offer you medical advice.  Your best course of action is to work in close partnership with medically trained individuals who support home ear care.

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